Windmill viewpoint Phuket travel spots, beautiful photos

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Windmill viewpoint Phuket. In this situation It is believed that there are not few people who want to hang out. But worried about the congestion and crowded So today we are going to introduce some of the best places to visit! Feel like a foreign country like a windmill viewpoint. Phuket travel For everyone to admire the beautiful view Ready to take beautiful photos In a way that does not have to be crowded with anyone I can assure you that I am absolutely delighted ทางเข้า ufabet

Windmill viewpoint Phuket travel

Take beautiful photos, beautiful views like a foreign country.

Take in the sunset view at the windmill viewpoint

When it comes to the view beautiful sunset in Phuket at first, many people think it is Laem Phrom Thep right? Actually, there is another one that I do not lose, that is the view of wind turbines or. Windmill Viewpoint is located a little far from Promthep Cape.

     Actually, this is where the renewable power station is located. Under the supervision of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand But with the most perfect location And the vast blue sea view Surrounded by green mountains Along with the windmills that are lined up beautifully Make the scenery in front of you look chic As if being abroad So people called this viewpoint Windmill viewpoint, sure enough.

Photo spot Windmill viewpoint

Because of the windmill viewpoint It is not well known to tourists. There are not many people here, compared to Promthep Cape. If you walk down the hill, there will be a lot of angles for taking pictures. Each season gives a different atmosphere, in summer the grass turns golden. Cut with the blue sea just right. In front of the trees, the grass will be a little green. Looks comfortable in another way. But I certify that it is beautiful in every season for sure

Activities at the windmill viewpoint

In addition to taking pictures of beautiful views And watch the sunset in a romantic atmosphere There will be some tourists who like extreme ufabet sports, come skydiving and parasailing on good weather as well.